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    SUSE 10.1 Installation problem


    by binary mind ·

    I am long time Windows user, but figured why not looking into Linux? First distribution I touched so far is SUSE 10.1 and fair enough I ran into problems. My PC is based on an Intel D101GC motherboard with an Celeron D processor, 256MB RAM and 40GB HDD. LAN and Video and Sound are on-bard. The installation itself was successful, but when I start up the system I can first see the selection window (normal or failsafe) fine, but after that is only a distorted picture. You cannot identify anything. My best guess is the video driver (ATI) and I even looked on their web site for a linux driver. There is one available, but how can I install it. Maybe somebody out there knows what I have to do….

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      by hozcanhan ·

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      have you tried “failsafe” boot option ?
      You have only 256K RAM. Video is on board . To identify your problem , disable the on board video and plug in a temporary pci video card.reinstall to avoid any doubts .if it boots ok then either upgrade to 512k RAM and then decide on your on board video RAM or use this pci card and forget the on board issues.

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      by hal 9000 ·

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      When you originally setup SUSE did you specify the Monitor Resolutions?

      By the sounds of things they are set too high and preventing the monitor from displaying a picture. If you can get into the Fail Safe mode you should be able to alter the Screen Resolutions to something lower with slower refresh rates. By your description with everything On Board I would be looking a the lowest possible Video Settings with the slowest possible refresh rate.


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