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    Suspicious IP address. No log-in recorded. Please help me understand.


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    After getting my personal email compromised because of bad password and security hygiene I’ve been trying to learn more about cyber security to answer questions I’ve had.
    Recently I was able to get a hold of log-in records of one of my social media accounts. I was able to identify log-ins and web terminations from my phone app, desktop, and familiar IP addresses. However, I found one “terminated web session” from a suspicious IP address with a record that was simultaneous with the day my personal email began to send spam. There is no recording of a log-in from that IP address on that social media account.
    I’ve interpreted this as the individual logged into my social media account and quickly logged out. I am hoping that an expert on here can give me insight on this. I want to get a better idea of how long this person was on my social media account, and perhaps how invested this person was in snooping in through my information. This would help put my mind at ease because I’m primarily concerned if this person was able to get to my Apple ID account. I’m borderline paranoid about this issue. I tried to download to see if there was any log-in data on my Apple ID account but thats a whole ‘nother post…
    Additional info/ideas:
    From the little knowledge I have, the only reason I think why their log in was undetected was because of a session hijacking… but don’t know in depth about it. I do want to add that I logged in and out on my desktop, but was always logged in on my phone app, so maybe this “hijacking” occurred here?
    But, this doesn’t make sense because if this was the same individual who went on my email, IT personnel was able to find evidence THEIR log in during that occurrence.
    Another idea I have is that the person went on something like Tor to remain undetected. However if this was the reason, why was their terminated web session recorded? I doubt that a hacker or anyone with capabilities to use Tor would be interested in my personal information like that, let alone let themselves be detected like that. I’m no one special.

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