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LAN packets from another computer
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So I used WireShark to analyze network requests being sent over my home WiFi. I live with four others, so there are a dozen or so devices on the network. However, I noticed packets being sent from three particular IP address, and none of the other IP addresses listed in the devices table (after accessing the router in Chrome).

I suspect one of my four roommates of sniffing packets/spying on my computer. I don't know much about networking terminology, so bear in mind I won't understand technical lingo although I have probably heard of such things as TCP/UDP, ACK/SYN, etc (these are just some acronyms off the top of my head I have heard but have no knowledge over)

Are other hosts on the LAN supposed to be sending receiving requests or is this potentially malicious behavior on the part of someone who controls these three IPs?
Like I said, only these three IPs are sending requests (and getting a response from my computer!) None of the other 8 or so devices are sending requests, so I suspect something is up with this one guy and I want to investigate further what is going on.
I am also inclined to believe that he may have remote access to my computer. After becoming suspicious of this activity, I downloaded YawCam for video surveillance while I'm gone, and now when I come home the motion-detection option is turned off when before it stayed on for hours while I was out of the house. Now I come back after 20 minutes of walking my dog and the motion detection becomes inactive.

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