Swapping Power Supplies .. is this ok.?

By CcPunk28 ·
My computer keeps turning off and I'm sure it's to do with the PS fan not working. I hope I didn't wait to long. Anyway the PS that is broken is:

Powerup - Switching Power Supply
Input | 115/230V, 8/4 A

Output: 350W
+3.3V 24A Orange, +5V 35A Red, +12V 12A Yellow, +5VSB 2A Purple, -5V 0.5A White, -12V 0.8A Blue. PS-ON Green, P.G Grey

Is it ok to put in the one from one of my mothers computer? If it is, how hard is it to do? I'm hoping it's simple enough. Anyway, the power supply I have to put in reads:

Ultra V Series Switching Power Supply
AC Input Voltage 115/230V
AC Input Frequency 50-60Hz
AC Input Current 7A(RMS) for 115VAC Input
4A(RMS) for 230VAC Input

Max Output +5V +3.3V +12V -5V -12V +5VSB
Current 25A 18A 18A 0.6A 0.6A 2A
Max Comb. 150W 216W 3W 7.2W 10W
330W 20W

Please help me out and let me know if this will ok to do. Thanks in advance:)

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Not the Best Choice

by TheChas In reply to Swapping Power Supplies . ...

While it states that both are 350 watt supplies, the second supply has a much lower true power rating.

I would look for a 400 or 500 watt supply.
Check your motherboard power connector and see if it has 20 or 24 pins. Or, buy a 20 +4 supply.

In order to change a power supply, you first disconnect the AC power cord. Then, disconnect all of the power connectors on your drives, some fans, and the motherboard.

Remove the 4 screws that hold the supply in the case.

Carefully remove the supply. Checking for other cords.

Mount the new supply, connect up the cables.

Plug it in and away you go.


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by CcPunk28 In reply to Not the Best Choice

Thanks so much for the reply. Both motherboards and power supplies have 20 pins. Do you think it would be ok to use for a while so I can get back on the PC for now? I'm thinking of getting a new computer soon anyway, so I don't wanna waste money on buying a new PS. Thanks a lot... oh ya where do I find the AC power cord so I can remove that first?

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by CcPunk28 In reply to Thanks

Woops the cord is the big one that goes to the back of the computer.. DUH hehe

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Should work to verify

by TheChas In reply to Thanks

The second power supply should have enough power to at least prove that the other supply is dead.

If the other supply did die from a dead fan and not from being too close to it's power limit, then the supply you have could work for a couple of years.

Where I'm at, I go to and can get a 400 watt supply for around $10 (US) plus shipping.

Best of Luck,


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