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Swipe up?

By JJFitz ·
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Swipe up, Ctrl-Alt Del etc.

by JJFitz In reply to Swipe up?

Swipe up (with mouse, stylus, or finger), good ol' Ctrl-Alt-Del, and even pressing any key (where's the "any" key?) opens the login screen.
I think a left click should also open the login screen but it does not.
Hint: If your password begins with a capital letter or a secondary key option, holding down the shift key opens the login screen and capitalizes the first character in your password. (economy of keystrokes).
I think I see your point. Change for the sake of change instead of change for the sake of improvement.
As far as this minor action goes, swipe up is important to know if you are using a slate tablet. So it is there to prevent accidental unlocks for slate users.
The same goes for the apps - they are mostly there for the tablet users but a lightweight app is also helpful for a desktop user - think of it like the Windows widgets.
Lastly, I keep saying this over and over, if you don't like it, open the desktop. There should be a desktop tile on your Metro screen. No harm - no foul

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