Switch booting people off

By 2huskers ·
I recently added a linksys sr216 switch to replace a very old 8 port hub. it is connected directly to the dsl modem/router. all computers can see the internet fine but they lose connecting briefly every hour or 2. usually not a big deal except we use remote desktop connections to external servers and a brief connection boots us. what would cause this? I never had an issue with the very old hub?

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A quick google

by Michael Jay In reply to Switch booting people off
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simple can be it ...

by stymeray In reply to Switch booting people off

Sure the cat 5 or cat 6 line is working order ? The switch itself might be damaged or no electric

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I've experienced this problem with switches that have defective power plugs

by ManiacMan In reply to Switch booting people off

The kind that have those female adapters and a male adapter type plug with a power cube on the other end. When the connection gets worn out due to poor design or constant or stress on the connection, the electrical connection may and usually is interrupted and the switch reboots, no different than actually yanking the plug out of the switch. See if you can get it replaced by the manufacturer or return it for another model, as there may be a recall on it.

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