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By felipe_alfaro ·
Once upon a time, there was only Internet
Explorer, and it was good (or at least, it
seemed good), it ruled the world, it defined
"standards" and made people happy.

But that was a long time ago. Internet Explorer
is a totally flawed piece of software that lacks
a good security infraestructure and was designed
with no security in mind, only a nice user
interface and a lot of incompatible,
non-standard features. Internet Explorer takes
the control of the computer away from the user.
Internet Explorer can silently download ActiveX
binaries from any source (trusted or untrusted)
and blindly run them with full user privileges
available. This is a serious security flaw and
it's the cause of all of the malware that
plagues the Internet. It's sad to say, but those
users running Windows and Internet Explorer are
a potential danger to the rest of us: first,
they get infected, then they start trying to
infect all others by sending spam messages,
e-mail viruses, knocking at known ports of
insecure and vulnerable software and so on.
Using IE is a security risk, a risk for all of

Internet Explorer does support none of modern
features found in other browsers, like
integrated search (I mean integrated and
configurable search, not blindly and stupidly
turning to MSN search), tabbed browsing,
detachable tabs and tab groups, mouse gestures,
good cookie control policies, standard bookmark
formats, interoperability with other browsers
and software, the ability to change profiles on
the fly, etc, etc.

Internet Explorer hasn't added ANY single
feature since 5.0 was released. 6.0 was mainly a
bug fix with some useless UI niceties, but
nothing serious, appart from deviating from
standards and trying to control the browser
market by creating an incompatible and biased

This leads me to recommend anyone to immediately
switch from that flawed browser called Internet
Explorer to something more usable, secure and
open for public review, like an open-source
browser or even a commercial one, like Opera. I
can recommend on Firefox, Mozilla and Opera
(since Konqueror doesn't run on Windows) as they
are safe, fast, secure, standard and very user
friendly. I have used them a lot and love them.

Do yourself a favor, switch your browser, and do
it now. It will be good for you and it will be
good for me. I did, and now I can sleep knowing
that no troyan, work or virus will wreck into my
computer due to a stupid software like IE who
tried to take control off me. No, no, no.

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