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switch duplex problem/Vlan

By D_unafraid ·
HI All
First thank you for your time
I have having two Network Issue with my customer, please help me if you can

I have a cisco 2950 edge switch connected to a 6500 Core switch. the Core switch is hard set to 100mbps full, the strange thing is I cant seem to set my edge switch to 100mbps, they cant see each other on the network.The customer insisted that the Core must be hard set to 100mbps, that left me with no other choice.I try troubleshooting the switch and realised that only by setting the edge to auto or 100 half will I get them to talk, but then again, due to the different setting on the switches, i am receiving alot of collsion. what can i do about it

my customer complained to me when they try to transfer files across one of the vlan, the transfer was cut off after a while. the rest of the other vlan segment was fine, was one of them that is reacting strangely


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Duplex Issue

by TomSal In reply to switch duplex problem/Vla ...

First, you should know that the "official" line on this issue from Cisco directly is that they suggest always using AUTO detection for assuring best reliability/throughput between network devices.

Personally, it sounds like you are in a bad spot because you have a customer with the dreaded disease called "iknowitallitis".

I'll never understand why some customers pay good money to skill consultants who know what they are talking about and then they fight them tooth and nail, going against best practices, SOPs and just generally well-designed procedures that IT folks hashed out over years of experience. But then on the other hand the customer pays us -- they are the bread and butter.

Not a nice spot to be in.

Unfortunately the reason you are having trouble, in my experience (I've been through the same situation but with a different model switch) is your customers insistance on having you hard set the core speed at 100mbps.

The core switch should be set to auto, so should the edge. Especially in a VLAN situation.

The only reason why any network admin should not follow the set to "auto" rule, would be with direct server connections, then you'd want to ensure maximize settings and full duplexing. Core to edge connections, just as an aside, should automatically detect 100 mbps anyways, theres really no reason (pending obviously that the switches support 100 mbps and there is no problem with the cable -- which is so rare, that I have a better chance of winning the lottery) why FastEthernet shouldn't be detected.

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