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Switch Problem on Peer to Peer Network

By rkasper ·
Our small office is on a peer to peer network using a Linksys 16 port switch. We have a HP color laserjet printer networked using a Jet Direct card in the printer. The printer used to be a local printer that was shared on the network and worked fine. The printer works fine for most printing, but now has a problem printing multiple pictures consecutively. The printer will print 2 to 5 pictures and then stop printing.

I called the printer company (HP) and worked with their printer expert and their Jet Direct expert. They had me hook a computer directly to the printer with a cross over cable. The printer printed multiple pictures with no problems. The printer experts tell me it is a problem with the switch.

This is the only problem we have on the network. How do I diagnose the switch problem when it seems to work fine in all other situations?

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Switch Problem on Peer to Peer Network

by road-dog In reply to Switch Problem on Peer to ...

Off the top of my head, I would look at the switch port setting on the linksys port where the printer connects. Hard code the speed / duplex to match the speed / duplex set on the jetdirect card. This could be an autonegotiation problem.

I'm notall that familiar with the Linksys product set, but you might want to check out the port statistics on the abovementioned port for alignment errors (if available). Alignment errors indicate a speed / duplex problem.


set both ends for 10/half and try to print.

Good luck

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