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I have a home/business network setup. I have comcast cable modem with a wireless router after that and then have that connected up into a switch (power connect 2324./This is then fed throughout my whole house and office and I am using all of the ports on the switch. I am wondering is the wireless router in between the modem and the switch overkill or even necessary? I am trying to improve my speeds wherever possible. Also can I install that wireless router on anyone of the connections throughout my home and still get the wireless connection?

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Not sure that I really understand your Question here

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Switch/Router

If it's working is all you are asking is the WiFi Overkill?

If that's it well maybe particularly if you have everything at a wired point to connect to. Wired Connections will always at best be considerably faster than WiFi Connections. Even the Cheap Hubs/Switches these days are 100 MPS while the high end WiFi Devices are at best 54 MPS about half the speed of Wired Connections. A high end Switch/Hub can be 1000 MBS which is about 20 times faster than WiFi though this only helps with internal to the Network Data Transfers. If you are expecting the speed of Internet Connections to improve with different network technologies this will not happen as it's dependent on the actual connection tot he Internet which is then divided depending on the number of computers accessing the net at any one time.


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