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By dogknees ·
Can anyone think of a way to move an app from one screen to the other in Windows 7 when you can't see the screen it's currently on.

The issue arises when remote-controlling a PC. An app launchs on the second display, but the remote software will only allow you to see the primary one.


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If you disable screen 2 temporarily

by TobiF In reply to Switch Screen

then all applications will move into the main screen.
Afterwards, you can always enable screen 2 again.

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Catch 22

by dogknees In reply to If you disable screen 2 t ...

If I attempt to do that, the screen settings dialog also appears on the second monitor.

The issue is that I'm working somewhere remote from the PC so I can't get physical access to it.


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by TobiF In reply to Catch 22

I'd try to install (temporarily) a different solution for remote control...

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A dangerous workaround would be the registry

by TobiF In reply to Catch 22

Somewhere around HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Control\Video\
But that's really a last resort, may break heavily. (So restore points and registry backup are mandatory)

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Walking the keyboard

by TobiF In reply to Catch 22

If you have a similar system nearby, you could investigate how to walk the display settings by keyboard, and then do it "blindfolded" on the remote system.

EditAdd: On my Win7 Home premium English, If I open the Display settings dialog, I can do the following:
Alt-I (Identify monitors)
Tab 5 times
Letter D (will select Dual display)
Enter (OK)

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Re:Switch Screen

by ameack In reply to Switch Screen

Well I had similar issues as well when using remote desktop on dual screens.

I found a quick way to use the application running on the extended monitor.
Try double clicking on the program running on the task bar (Bottom of the screen) and it brings the application in the main screen.
hope that helps

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Doesn't Seem To Work

by dogknees In reply to Re:Switch Screen

I just tried that and nothing happens when I double-click the programs tab on the taskbar.

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by dogknees In reply to Switch Screen

Alt-spacebar - Opens Control Menu
r - Restores it if it's maximised.
m - for Move
hold down left-arrow(or right as appropriate) until the window appears on the main monitor.

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