Switch vs Hub

By redinvd ·
I have a small ten workstation using a Lynksys wireless hub. It seems
slow at times, and the users complain of slow response from the Access
database, especially in running reports. I want to switch to cat5 cable.

Which is better, a hub or a switch?

I was told that a switch it faster, but would it make much of a difference
with just nine or ten users?


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better to check the db system that network

by CG IT In reply to Switch vs Hub

the real question is what's the db residing on?

could be the slow response to the db is because of the system that it resides on.

In simplistic terms this is the difference between a "hub" and a switch.

a "hub" if what you use is a "hub", broadcasts that it has packets to all computers. It's up to the computer to say "hey, that's mine". So to reinterate, the disadvantage to a hub is that it must send traffic to all computers that are connected to it to find out where the data goes to

A switch is smarter. A switch creates a MAC address table and knows which computer is connected to which port. It then reads the packet and forwards the packet to the correct computer substantially reducing the amount of traffic on the network.

Linksys advertises their switches using terms such as "a hub". That shouldn't be confused with the switch actually being a "hub".

I can't imagine that the network isn't already cabled for CAT 5. What cabling is it now? CAT 3? CAT4? CAT 3 is typically telephone and CAT 4 was used in Token Ring networks.

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by redinvd In reply to better to check the db sy ...

It is not wired with Cat5 as it is currently wireless using
Lynksys wirelss USB adapters on each station communicating
with the Lynksys Wirless Access Point Router.

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by redinvd In reply to better to check the db sy ...

It is an access database sitting one of the Dell Workstations.

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u shoud use switch.

by zuibair.alam003 In reply to Switch vs Hub

by using switch data will not be broadcast
whenever hub broadcast the data to each compurer so our speed went slow.

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by OldER Mycroft In reply to u shoud use switch.

You've just dredged up a thread that died EIGHTEEN months ago!!

**Couldn't you find a suitable thread for Ethernet??


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