Switch will not connect to a good network

By Canuckster ·
I am trying to add new computers to an existing, good network by using a D-Link 5 port, unmanaged switch (DSG-1005D which has no reset button and is designed to be plug-and-play). I disconnect the cable from a working, network connected PC and plug that in Port 1 (I have actually tried all ports) of the switch but get no link with the network. Other PC's connected to the switch will show a good link but not the network cable and therefore none of the pc's connected to the switch will see the network.
The switch on start-up does run a cable diagnostic that does recognize the network connected cable as good but I have tried various other cables anyways with the same results. Thinking the switch may be defective I have tried a second switch of the same type only to experience the same issue. If I use the switch on my test bench it will connect to the network just fine.
So a pc will work off this particular wall connection but not the switch. I do need to use that connection for my switch because of its physical location.
Any thoughts on possible causes/cures?

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TCP/IP address?

by iscpadm In reply to Switch will not connect t ...

I'm not an expert but... When you unplug the PC from the router port and plug it into the switch, the router is still looking for the PC address on the first port. Try "repairing" the connection, or just reboot.

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