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    Switch will not connect to a good network


    by canuckster ·

    I am trying to add new computers to an existing, good network by using a D-Link 5 port, unmanaged switch (DSG-1005D which has no reset button and is designed to be plug-and-play). I disconnect the cable from a working, network connected PC and plug that in Port 1 (I have actually tried all ports) of the switch but get no link with the network. Other PC’s connected to the switch will show a good link but not the network cable and therefore none of the pc’s connected to the switch will see the network.
    The switch on start-up does run a cable diagnostic that does recognize the network connected cable as good but I have tried various other cables anyways with the same results. Thinking the switch may be defective I have tried a second switch of the same type only to experience the same issue. If I use the switch on my test bench it will connect to the network just fine.
    So a pc will work off this particular wall connection but not the switch. I do need to use that connection for my switch because of its physical location.
    Any thoughts on possible causes/cures?

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