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    Switchboard in Excell


    by ghopson ·

    I have been tasked to write a user interface in Excell, which will allow a user to 1) Enter work Orders. 2) Send and Receive Info as a CSV file. and 3) Print reports based upon the CSV files. I realize that ACCESS would be a much better platform BUT I have been told that this ios not an Option. My question is, “Is there a way to Create and Open a Switchboard form upon the start of the worksheet?


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      by bristar ·

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      It will not be very hard to create a small form with macro buttons that perform those tasks. YOu could save it as the default template and it would pull up each time. Macros can open other forms, clear values, save in CSV and print very easily.

      Here’s some examples code lines:
      ActiveWorkbook.SaveAs “C:\me.xls”, xlCSVWindows
      Workbooks.Open “WORKORDER.XLS”

      See if that helps you out!

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