Switching between Tasks, OK or bad?

By animelover859 ·
A friend of mine told me that having a browser open while playing an online game, and switching between them, or tasks in general, is bad for the computer and can, in the case of online game and browser switching, increase the danger of malware and other such problems getting onto the computer. I have never heard this before, is it true? Or just another tech "old wives tale" of sorts?

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Well Yes and No

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Switching between Tasks, ...

The simple fact of Multitasking by itself isn't going to make any difference except for the simple fact that if the Game is Intensive on either Bandwidth or System Resources it's going to slow down everything that is attempted.

So for arguments sake you could have slower Frame Rates or even game playing all together because the other browser is consuming system resources that would normally be used for the game.

The real problem comes about if you switch between browsers and without fully understanding what it is you are clicking on you could confirm the download of an attack by clicking on a pop up that you otherwise would not have clicked on.

As for Multitasking in general the only real issue beside Human Mistakes is a slower system response as you have several different applications running and each consumes System Resources and the possibility of you making a mistake as you switch between different programs is greater than if you where just using the one program. Some computers handle Multitasking better than others so if you for arguments sake had a very basic system the speed of it is going to be considerably slower when you are multitasking than if you just had the one program open and executing at a time.


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