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    Switching Careers


    by maskta8 ·

    I recently acquired a networking client. I have been able to pursuade them into letting me design their web site. I am a newly formed business starting from home. I started with them as a consultant. It appears that this one client will give me the experience I need to market myself more. Thanks for the suggestion of registering with the local Chamber of Commerce. From the revenues I have generated I am also interested in, in addition to consulting, a medical billing service. At this point I am a legal assistant. I agree that you must make a smooth transition. Hopefully, I can generate enough funds without acquiring a loan. As I am currently paying my student loans. I currently hold two degrees in computers. I have waited for this change for 25 years. It’s really surprising to me that it is finally taking off. Thank you for the suggestions.

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      HOLY COW!

      by ghstinshll ·

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      With that much education in the technology field, why aren’t you working for a large industrial company / medical company in their internal IT depts? You should be. Use this as a launching platform for it and you’ll go far. Youve been on the planet long enough to know how to work and how to treat people as well, so you’ll work it out.

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