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    Switching careers


    by mwalch111 ·

    I have been a mainframe programmer for 17 years and very good at what I do. I was axed from one of the big three automakers because of outsourcing. After 8 months of being laid off, I found a job in networking hospital equipment, and after 7 months, was laid off from that. Every head hunter I talk to says that I should increase my programming skills into internet development, but if I don’t have the 2 or more years experience, it is worthless. I have recently signed up for a couple of networking classes in a community college to change my field in the IT world. Question: Is it worth going into this field? Should I get out of IT all together and change career plans? How competitive is out there for networking employment? Any information provided would be highly appreciated…thank you!

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      Bottom line

      by oz_media ·

      In reply to Switching careers

      Do what you WANT to do. Not what you think will pay the most bills. If you are after money, don’t go work for anyone, work for yourself and pay yourself.

      If you are after a JOB, find something you enjoy doing, if you’re sick of IT, drive a bus, go to school a become a pawyer or whatever you want.

      The world is too big, don’t feel that you have to fit a certain mold. It is COMPLETELY YOUR choice where you go and what you do.

      As far as Web Dev, there is a lot of work, but that’s today. In this industry, you can’t make predictions, well you can but you’ll most likely be wrong. Just do what feels right and most importantly, what you want to do.

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        Couldn’t have said it better

        by zulj ·

        In reply to Bottom line

        That’s exactly it Oz. I recently found that out myself. I’ve was studying towards the CCNP but the other day during a long drive I realised that the only reason I was studying that is because I believed there is more money in that field than what I’m in now. There probably is but I wouldn’t have done well in that field cos its not my passion.

        Stick to what you’re good at if you enjoy it, otherwise find something you enjoy doing. If you have a passion for it you’ll excel at it.

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