Switching Carriers Without Changing Phones

By doggyz12 ·
Ok. I just got my razr v3 the other day and well my bill has been a little high so i want to go to metro pcs but want to keep my razr. I know i will need to unlock my phone but how do i know it will work with metro pcs and how do i do it? Please reply and help!

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Did you sign a contract with a carrier service when you

by DadsPad In reply to Switching Carriers Withou ...

received you new razor v3? Or did you spend big bucks on your own phone without a sevice?

If you are like most of us, you sign a 1 or 2 year contract with a service like ATT or Verizon. If you have a contract, there could be a penalty (sometimes is too large to end the contract) to switch carriers before your contract ends.

Evaluate why your bill has been higher than you wish. I could be that you are using more minutes than you contract pays for. If you go over the minutes, you pay a price for every minute you use. You may save money by changing you plan to more minutes.

Now if your minutes are in texting, carriers are starting to give unlimited texting for a small fee. If you are using the internet on your phone, well that can get expensive on any carrier. Now most carriers will let you buy time to be on the internet, but if you are constantly there, it can get expensive.

Good luck, great phone.

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by doggyz12 In reply to Did you sign a contract w ...

Well i bought it cuz i get a discount and i still have a contract w/ at&t but i have another phone i can use i just need 2 know if i can use that phone with metro pcs because i am on a family plan and cant pay my part of it! And then i wont have to worry about when to pay my bill! You know what im saying?

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