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Switching displays for docked laptop

By mmarko ·
When using an external keyboard and monitor while laptop is docked, what key-combo can I use on the standard keyboard to switch displays?
I know of Fn. + F4 on the laptop itself, but not the external keyboard.
I work Help Desk, but noone here seems to remember the key-combo.
Many here would be very appreciative of some new ideas.

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Switching displays for docked laptop

by GuruOfDos In reply to Switching displays for do ...

This can normally only be done on the laptop keyboard itself. The BIOS routine has 'intercepts' for the keyboard that snag the particular control code and enable the display switching. Usually, there is an extra Fn key which of course is not presenton a standard keyboard. It IS possible, using a TSR routine written in assembler to generate an equivalent code that is passed to the laptop keyboard handler in BIOS which 'fakes' the Fn F4 command. You would need to know the codes generated by the key down and key up events for the Fn F4 combination, and then remap an alternative key combination from the pc keyboard, for instance CTRL-ALT-D. It can be done, and I have done it for an external keyboard on a Clevo laptop....but it was a pain in the neck and took a few days experimenting!! Some manufacturers have utility drivers that do this for you....but they are hard to find!!!

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