Switching from a Job to a career in the IT field: Need an IT pro's advice

By Axell.Ojeda ·
I am 26 currently working at a government office(City employee). I've been an employee for about 8+ years now and at the same time i have been continuing my studies through college(unfinished) & technical schools for IT. I have done some self studying and received my A+ and Network + certs. Currently working on my MCITP/MCSE track (Win7, network infrastructure, active directory, etc.). Considering i have no experience in the field, it seems like a pretty tough task to transition from one field to another and keep the salary i currently hold especially in this economy. Should i go back to college and get at least my Associates? Continue with Certs and find an internship to gain experience? My goal is to go from a job to a well paying career. Your advice is very much appreciated.

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One idea

by robo_dev In reply to Switching from a Job to a ...

Establish a relationship with whoever does IT for the City.

You have knowledge,insight, and relationships which are valuable, so if there are thoughts or plans to deploy IT solutions, become part of those plans. This would do two things for you: it could transform your current job into a career in the same organization, or at the very least, you can really make your current experience look a whole lot more relevant on your resume.

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Reponse To Answer

by Axell.Ojeda In reply to One idea

Very true. Thanks for your input.

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Network with others

by Slayer_ In reply to Switching from a Job to a ...

Build relationships with other companies while you have a job. You may be able to go work for their local IT if they already know you.

That's happened to the IT division of the company I work for twice now, an IT guy leaves and takes several clients with them.

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Part time IT

by hzhoor In reply to Switching from a Job to a ...

Try to finish your degree in the main time try for part time job in IT, so you will get some experiences & later apply for IT job, or even you can open your own shop.
first try the 'one Idea' point

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