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Switching from workgroups to domains

By laquatra ·
I am a lone IT guy for a small printing company where the network was initially setup under several workgroups. I want to switch the network over to a domain with Active Directory. What types of problems will I encounter when switching each workstation over to the domain environment?

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First define why

by TG2 In reply to Switching from workgroups ...

First you would want to define, "Why do I want to setup a domain". That will lead you down the path to where you want to go.

It can never be said enough, design design design, before implementation, and if at all possible, try it in a "lab" like environment.

When you are closer to getting your domain set up, you might even want to try a few guinnea pigs... or volunteers.

And if your intent is to roll out a group policy, you really want to spend time testing the policy to make sure it is not too restrictive, and that you understand as well as possible what each restriction might mean, and how far and wide it might reach.

without a lot of detail, just a simple example .. a previous IT employee in one of my companies started to change the policies, here three years on, he's gone, but his legacy lives.. we have some users that can't clear their own internet histories and IE file cache. At the time, he was trying to create more restrictive policies, but now the company realized that they had to focus more on employee education than on restriction, because it was more often their ignorance of something that would cause them or the IT Dept trouble, not that they could do something malicious.. but that they were not aware...

Now the policy is more relaxed and our employees are taught more on what not to do and why. Along with better spot review and oversight on their managers parts, problem areas like surfing and installing programs has been curtailed. Thankfully we have just about upgraded all pc's across the company so the few that we find with outdated policies (pushed per machine and not synced with the domain properly) are becoming fewer and fewer.

This of course assumes that your pc's are not in a hostile environment ... ie. a temp company, or a company that routinely employees many temporary or short term employees, where you can't gauge the temperment of them short term. The one company has better than 20% of its employee base in the 10 year range, another 40 to 50 % in the 3 to 5 year range, and less than 10% at under a year with the company. (250 employees +/-)

Good Luck !!

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