Switching Hard Drives

By rfranklin3 ·
I'd like to move hard drive from an old computer to a newer one. I'm guessing I'll need to reinstall Windows XP (I have original disk) to do it. My questions are, does the license info reside on the HD or on the computer? What else should I expect or be ready for?

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Try this first

by ozi Eagle In reply to Switching Hard Drives


The licence info is on the HDD.

Moving a HDD to another computer can often be done without needing to reload XP by doing the following before removing the HDD from the old computer.

Go into device manager
find the IDE/ATAPI contollers and delete/uninstall them all.

Don't reboot, turn off the old computer and remove the HDD and install in new computer.

If XP boots OK it will find "new" hardware and ask to have the drivers installed. This is the IDE drivers and it will default to generic windows drivers. When everything is running load the mobo drivers.

You will probably have to reregister.

Edited to answer licence question.

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I'm afraid I don't agree

by tintoman In reply to Switching Hard Drives

with that previous answer, Windows installations are hardware dependant and as such you cannot simply move the drive to a new computer.
As far as the license is concerned you have one license to use the software on one computer, in theory you should not move it to another computer, however if you do so you will not be able to activate it until you phone Microsoft.
You will be required to state that you have replaced the motherboard and/or processor, the rest is down to your own conscience.
You can move the hard drive to the new computer and boot the machine from the installation disk, from there you can carry out an in place repair of the windows installation.
The chances are that you will not be able to log on to windows until you gat a new installation code from Microsoft

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