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Switching to Native Mode with NT4 BDC

By jlbpotter ·
I currently have a mixed mode Windows 2000 AD domain with 3 2K DC's and one NT4 BDC. I am wanting to switch to native mode. If I make the switch what will happen? Will that NT4 BDC continue to function and just not receive the domain replication info or will that server no longer be able to function on the domain? Thank you for your assistance.

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by Parbo In reply to Switching to Native Mode ...

It will no longer recieve the info from the controllers, but still should be able to be an active part of your network. Soo if it also functions as a file server or print server it will still serve those purposes

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by CG IT In reply to Switching to Native Mode ...

mixed mode allows NT domain controllers to operate in a Windows 2000/2003 domain. if you switch then the domain is exclusivly Active Directory based and the NT domain controllers will not be able to join.

NOTE: mixed and native mode applies only to DCs

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by CG IT In reply to

Mixed mode and native mode ONLY applies to Domain Controllers AND only applies to domain controllers IN their respective domains. A NT Domain controller can not join a native mode W2K/2003 Domain and be a domain controller. PDC BDC or whatever DC]. A NT server CAN be a member server of a native mode W2K/W2003 domain. It just can't be a Domain Controller. Clients in the domain are NOT effected.

Active Directory Domains & Trusts are also not effected by Native Mode/Mixed Mode. You still can establish a trust relationship between domains NOT in the same domain namespace for the purposed of sharing resources.

Neep in mind that Native mode and Mixed Mode applies only to the domain it operates on and only to those domain controllers in that domain.

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by jlbpotter In reply to

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by jlbpotter In reply to Switching to Native Mode ...

I have two PCs that are still Win98. All other clients are 2K or XP. Will native mode affect the Win98 PCs. I still have WINS running on my domain. I also have trust relationships with 2 other mixed mode domains in separate forests. Will switching my domain to native affect these domains?

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by jlbpotter In reply to Switching to Native Mode ...

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