switching to raid 0, windows old

By j-mccurdy ·
I have a system with two hard drives, one has a Windows install with needed files. If I set up a raid 0 will it save a Windows old folder? I don't have any way to back up my data.

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Well assuming that there are 2 Identical HDD

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to switching to raid 0, wind ...

And you setup the RAID from the BIOS or the RAID Controller you may be able to BUILD an Array but you may just as likely need to reinstall the OS and associated Software after you configure the RAID.

Here it all depends on what the RAID Controller Supports and how it works.

However relying on any form of RAID for a Backup is a recipe for Disaster, the drives run 100% of the Time that the computer is running so they are more likely to suffer a HDD Failure. HDD Failures are very expensive to Recover Data from so I always advise my customers to buy a External HDD and Backup their Data to that as Plain Data.

Maybe not the most secure way to do things but it most defiantly doesn't suffer from the New Windows OS Syndrome where the new offerings are not backward compatible and you are unable to read your Backup's on the New OS.

Of course that is for Domestic Customers if you are a business you'll have more than the 1 computer.


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RE Windows old raid 0

by j-mccurdy In reply to Well assuming that there ...

The hard drives are the same. I'm not using raid for backup. It has two hard drives. They never put anything on the second one, so I'm wiping vista and putting Win 7 on with raid 0. I just want to know if it will create a windows old folder, since I'm switching to a software motherboard raid 0. I explained the risks of raid 0 to them. They are going to start using online backup. Like mozy or carbonite

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Well under those conditions

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to RE Windows old raid 0

No it's not going to create a Old Windows Folder.

It will just treat the Array as a New Drive and format it. You may be able to get away without a Format depending on the M'Board but it's going to destroy everything on the existing drive.


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