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Switching users causes idle cmptr. in XP

By michaeleadaleham ·
Would appreciate any ideas on the following issue:

there are two active users, one logs off and the computer goes totally idle with no output on the screen. This is despite the fact that the original user still has programs running.

Normally it should prompt the second user to input their password.

Any replies pointing to the right direction please?

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by dragonbill In reply to Switching users causes id ...

I'll take a stab at this, but I never have seen this before. First, do you have enough available memory for Fast User Switching? I think you need at least 128MB available for this.

The other thing is the video sharing RAM? If so, then it may be taking up too much or the resources for this function to work properly.

I'll be looking around for some ideas. Good luck,

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by michaeleadaleham In reply to

Thanks for your reply. The PC has 512MB, is new and most of the 200GB memory is still free - have not used it to store videos yet. One hint that might be helpful is that the problem happens when the first active user to log off is the account that was first created. Maybe some of the logg off procedures initiated are not be taking into account the second user that is logged on(still an admin account however). Any further thoughts would be welcome.

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by dragonbill In reply to Switching users causes id ...

sounds like a real new computer. what I was hinting at regarding video is the video card for the monitor. I wonder if you have any errors in the system event log that may point at some odd system issue.

Hmmmm? Unplug the monitor and plug it back in when this happens. Maybe the video driver is a little wacked. I wonder if it is just a disply issue and the computer is not the issue. Swap video card with another known good.



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by mwebster In reply to Switching users causes id ...

Is this on a network. You cannot use fast user switching on a network.

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