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By dercp94 ·
Hi. I have a question regarding a switch. We recently opened an satellite office in a remote part of the country and they want to be able to connect to our resource center and download documents. Our LAN contractor says that we need to buy an ethernet switch to connect their network. My CIO is not convinced. In the absence of our resident HW tech guru, he asked me to look into it. I sure could use some help because I am not that familiar with network hardware. Do we need a switch to do this? Thanks

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by LMon In reply to Swtich

Most likely they will use a VPN to get into your network from outside the office. And from within the company you can you use a hub, switch, router. Preferred you use a router or a switch.

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by AyukNotna In reply to Swtich

Your LAN contractor was right, if you're going to connect directly to their network. However, you still gonna need a router if your going to connect via internet (World Wide Web).

You can also find newer switches that also performs routing functions that are also called IP switches.


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by Robininja In reply to Swtich

The answer is dependent on how you connect to your remote office. If its by a leased line and your remote office has an ip address on the same subnet as you, a switch will be fine, if its via the internet then a router or a switch that operate at level three of the osi model will be what u need. hope this helps

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