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Sybase backup failure on HP-UX

By cpfeiffe ·
I have intermittent failures with the Sybase backup on one of my HP-UX servers. It is Sybase 12.5 on HP-UX 11i using the Sybase built in backup service (I'm not too familiar with Sybase, I'm just the UNIX admin). The Sybase team says it can't be anything in the database, but I've replaced tapes and tape drives already. The servers are clustered and it fails on both of them. This should rule out any one SCSI cable or SCSI card. All of the SDLT220 patches are installed and configured.

The errors from the Sybase backup log are:
error number 5 (I/O error)

Unrecoverable I/O or volume error

Msg 8009, Level 16, State 1: Error encountered by the Backup Server

Since we have a cluster and have seen it on both members of the cluster it rules out any hardware I can think of. It should be a Sybase or OS configuration issue. I have never been able to get this to fail with OS commands (tar, dd, etc.) so I really think it is Sybase, but I'm not getting much help to look into it from the Sybase team.

Does anyone have any thoughts related to hardwaer, OS or Sybase for correcting this?


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by marv732 In reply to Sybase backup failure on ...

This might seem obvious but have you talked to the Sybase vendor support team about this - assuming of course that you have a support contract, if not then you have to ask the Sybase team of yours just how critical this issue is??
I know this doesn't really solve your problem but it is a valid question you need to ask - especially if we're talking a production system.

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by cpfeiffe In reply to

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by cpfeiffe In reply to Sybase backup failure on ...

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