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    SYBASE NT and Unix Operating System


    by ron navon ·

    Dear Sir,

    I am running an application based on SYBASE 11.5 on Unix and Widows NT 4.0.

    Most of the activity of Data Base as any Data Base is Merge, Select and Update.

    I tested this application, when I am doing a select commandfrom merge of 11 tables and display the result on screen, I found a very strange result that I give the result in NT faster than Unix.

    I will be very appreciate if any one assist me to solve this problem.

    Thanks and Best Regards.

    Sincerely Yours,

    P.S.: You can send your anwser to e-mail also.

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      SYBASE NT and Unix Operating System

      by erikdr ·

      In reply to SYBASE NT and Unix Operating System

      Why exactly are you sure that the result is ‘very strange’? I presume your Unix machine has more MIPS horsepower than the NT one, but there are more factors in place:
      * Quality and tuning of the two Sybase implementations (ask Sybase for details, e.g. compare Sybase-Linux or Sybase-SCO with Sybase-NT on exactly the same Intel machine)
      * Tuning of Unix and NT
      * Sizes of the databases, are they really the same
      * Connection from client to server, is the LAN nowhere a bottleneck?

      As an example: 3 years back we compared DB2/400 on an AS/400 monster with DB2/NT on a humble Intel. With same database size, the NT box outperformed with 50% because SQL implementation on AS/400 was quite lousy.
      Have fun,
      / The Netherlands

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      SYBASE NT and Unix Operating System

      by ron navon ·

      In reply to SYBASE NT and Unix Operating System

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