Sylvania SYNET07526 7" Netbook

By Jae_Patrick ·
I purchased the product over the weekend for my mom so that she would be able to check her email and surf the internet - I'm thinking that it's a fairly good buy for someone who wants to do just that ...

However, I wondered if it were possible to boot this device from the USB so that I could also use a different OS [Ubuntu or Puppy or some flavor of 'ix' - or maybe even Chrome or something]

but I can't even seem to find the smallest about of information about the device ...

I know that it's Window Embedded CE 6.0 and that it's got 128M to RAM to work with - but it doesn't have an email onboard [yes,she could use GMail] - and I've read some people asking for help in getting it to be able to read ebooks.

Any help or direction would be greatly appreciated...

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If it runs CE, it's probably either an ARM or MIPS processor

by robo_dev In reply to Sylvania SYNET07526 7" Ne ...

If, for example, it is a mips processor, there is a version of Linux for that. I'm not sure there is a Linux distro for every processor out there....

In CE, if you go into it's control panel, there is some sort of system information that tells you what processor it's using.

Many of the Sylvania devices run a Linux-based OS right out of the box.

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Well according to the specifications

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Sylvania SYNET07526 7" Ne ...

It has 3 USB Ports which should be capable of booting off after a change in/to the BIOS.

However as you rightly say it comes with CE so it is very limited Hardware so here if all you want is a E-Mail Client loading something like Thunderbird is probably a better option then attempting to load a Basic Nix like Puppy.


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Internet Appliance, not notebook

by tlgalenson In reply to Sylvania SYNET07526 7" Ne ...

I don't think you can get it to alternate boot based on observed behavior(so far). You can try.

In an e-mail, tech support said you can't install 3rd party applications. That said, you can certainly try to. Make sure you are downloading "Windows Mobile" or "Pocket PC" apps to try.
In the \Windows sub-directory are several .htm files that I would recommend you browse to and save to favorites. The help system seems to be partially disabled but these files seem to make up the content. The accuracy varies from 80% to 100%. Clearly they are not completely right.

There is an updated Wifi driver on the digitalgadgets support page. If you are having trouble try it.

Unlike the larger Netbooks, this box really seems to be pretty much limited to what they advertised. I have mounted a USB-based hard drive. You can connect it to a larger keyboard/mouse. And directly using an lan cable as well as the Wifi.

The SD card slot works for an 8 GB card.

The heart and soul of this thing appears to be a chip that can be commonly used on a cellphone or this kind of internet appliance.

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No update?

by Philnhouston In reply to Internet Appliance, not n ...

It doesn't appear to want to take the updates at

We found it accepted a wireless mouse/keyboard but will not display on a Xerox monitor via the vga to usb connection.

Would be nice to update the v6 with some new drivers but being CE is so old there are no drivers available.

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Have you installed the Drivers for the USB Device?

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to No update?

They are not Plug and Play more like Plug and Pray.

I have yet to run across any of those USB to VGA Converters that work without the drivers being installed.


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by Philnhouston In reply to Have you installed the Dr ...

Device came with a CD SIIG USB 2.0 to Video tho the darn thing always says "not a CE application".

Haven't gone to the digitalgadgets site yet so maybe I will have some luck after that.

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Yep you'll defiantly need the right driver

by OH Smeg Moderator In reply to Yep

Just hope that the Chip Set Maker made one for the OS.


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SYNET07526 reprogram

by PIxelRGB1 In reply to Sylvania SYNET07526 7" Ne ...

There has to be a way, Since the "official update" on the support part of sylvania, The update must be copied onto a FAT32 Formated SD Card. There is a script that allows the sequence of boot to take the update. If the script and necessary files can be modifed, in theory, you can put anything that ARM process can handle, including a mini Linux OS. PLEASE SPREAD THE WORD !!!

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