Symantec Anti-Virus not showing definition date

By sstuchel ·
I am running Symantec's NAV version 8.00.9374 on Windows Server 2000 and Windows XP Pro workstations. Ever since the new year, when I downloaded the latest definitions, it no longer shows me on the main screen what the date of the version is. It doesn't show anything at all. It's doing the download and updating the definitions, but I don't know when the last time it ran unless I do it manually. Anyone else notice this?

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NAV CE went EOL at end of 2007...Coincidence?

by robo_dev In reply to Symantec Anti-Virus not s ...

I know that your version is not end-of-life, but many versions of NAV Corp Edition went EOL as of 12/31/07...maybe they think you're dead as well?

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NAV updates

by steven.davey In reply to Symantec Anti-Virus not s ...

we have the same issue.
Time to upgrade.


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Re: Symantec Anti-Virus not showing definition date

by yuvius In reply to Symantec Anti-Virus not s ...

I have the same issue here. NAV version 8.00.9374 on Windows Server 2000. I am not going to repeat with what sstuchel mentioned. Any hint, please?

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Good to know...

by sstuchel In reply to Re: Symantec Anti-Virus n ...

that I'm not alone! You may be right about the upgrade (?)

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no definition date

by dow.crescibene In reply to Good to know...

I am experiencing the same. Live-update seems to be downloading definitions everyday. Does anyone know if we are protected?

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No Definition Dates

by g_halifax In reply to no definition date

One client of mine is experiencing the same issue. They have both managed and unmanaged clients running Windows XP, Windows 2000, Server 2000, Server 2003 with a mix of SAV Corp v. 8.00.9374 and Since downloading definition updates on, or about Jan 1, 2008, the defintion date is not showing for both versions. Checking the application log seems to indicate that new definitions are downloading and installing correctly. Checking locally on the client under "File" menu, "Virus List" shows the current definitions date.

The posted end of life date on Symantec's website for v8.00 is Nov 30, 2005, so it doesn't seem like that would be the variable involved.

I haven't found any info on Symantec's site and or any other useful info via Google, but I will post an update if I do.

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Thank You

by dow.crescibene In reply to No Definition Dates

Thank you so much. I did not know that the virus lists shows a date, i will check that tonight. Thx for the update and any help you can provide.

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This may help..have not tried yet

by dkaplan In reply to Re: Symantec Anti-Virus n ...

I have the same issue. A post dated
January 16, 2008 posted here:

references a maintenance release
called Fix I 1171767 posted at

but it is for 11.0
If anyone gets it to work let us now.

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Symantec please fix...

by vlachos In reply to Symantec Anti-Virus not s ...

Same issue...for a month now!!
Any news?

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Write to Symantec

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Symantec please fix...

Has anyone bothered to write to Symantec Support asking this question?

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