Symantec Antivirus Disabled Popup

By Gyrfalcon2138 ·
I have an interesting issue here. I have managed installations of Symantec Antivirus 10 running on ~200 Windows XP Professional PCs across a college campus. A few of the computers have taken to, seemingly randomly, popping up a big ugly warning "Symantec Antivirus Auto Protect is Disabled" out of the system tray.

I've never seen the error myself, but I'm getting enough independent reports of it to be unable to ignore the issue. Examining event logs has shown nothing out of the ordinary, but the shield icon does show autoprotect to be disabled. The systems were set up with RIPrep and have never had System Restore or anything like that run on them. I also doubt a viral infection is responsible as the systems are completely responsive in every other way.

Any ideas?

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Symantec Antivirus Auto Protect Disabled

by joe.fritts In reply to Symantec Antivirus Disabl ...

I found this to be the same here after installing IE7 on 3 client machines running Symantec Corporate Edition Antivirus 10. The program stops the Symantec Anti-virus service. I can manually start the service and all is well until the next reboot. I also have been unable to find anything on Symantec's site regarding this.

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Same Problem Here

by binujohn In reply to Symantec Antivirus Auto P ...

I am also getting the same message, and I even found that the symantect is disabled in the symantect system center console, I am not able to activate it, If syman is not going to solve this , we wil be stop buying symantec products.

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i have also found this problem

by miracleboy0969 In reply to Symantec Antivirus Auto P ...

I am currently still in school, but I love computers. I have asked about this problem to many computer technicians and they dont seem to know the problem either. I beieve strongly it could have somthing to do with spyware?

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Symentic auto protect is disable

by billdata In reply to Symantec Antivirus Auto P ...

Hello Sir I have Problem with Symentic antivirus , after updating its showing auto protect is disable ...

Can you Please Provide me Solution ..

Thanks And Regards

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Same issue here with File-System Auto Protect

by twelch In reply to Symantec Antivirus Disabl ...

I have the same issue with one pc. System Tray icon shows auto-protect disabled, will not allow it to enable. When checking the configuration, the File System Auto-Protect is the only option that it will not allow it to enable. All others are activated. The client is downloading updated definition files from the server correctly. Ran a full system scan and found no issues.

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Symantec 9-10 Corp Ed.

by w2ktechman In reply to Symantec Antivirus Disabl ...

has had this problem. It will infrequently stop working either totally, or just at startup. If you receive the message, wait until the system is fully booted, and then turn it on again. If the issue remains at bootup, then uninstall, use the SAVTOOL to remove all SAV reg. entries, reboot, and re-install.

If it stops auto-updates, re-install the updater. If it does not help, again, follow the previous instructions for removal and re-installation.

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response from symantec

by noctshadow In reply to Symantec 9-10 Corp Ed.

At work, we have a few machines that have the same symptons. We ghost the machines from the same image. So most likely it's user's fault.

Here's what I found from Symantec's website:

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Not users fault usually

by w2ktechman In reply to response from symantec

As It happened to one of my systems which I do not do anything to, I used it to share some drives. A week with no problems, and then the auto-protect would not start.

I have also ran into a new problem after a recent MS update. Symantec's cleaning tool does not clean the registry, and Symantec AV would fail to re-install.
The fix for me, was to uninstall it. Find the folders for Symantec shared, and Symantec that should have been removed with the uninstall. Then still the reg tool would not remove anything, so I had to spend 45 min. scouring the reg. and manually removing all Symantec entries.
Then I was able to re-install AV properly.

Although, after I was done, I think that a rebuild would have been better.

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cleanup tool

by noctshadow In reply to Not users fault usually

that's an interesting point. Maybe i should run the cleanup tool after uninstallation and then reinstall it to see what happen. I mean, the message goes away after a few minute, but the person who uses that machine got annoyed by it. LOL.

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Same problem several years later

by smartin In reply to response from symantec

I have two machines that have just started showing the popup that the autoprotect in Symantec is disabled. I have uninstalled and reinstalled which fixes it for about 2 weeks and then the problem starts again. Did anyone find a resolution for this problem?

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