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I recently had to rebuild a former SSC (Sysmantec System center) server and after finally getting SSC reinstalled, I ran through the riggamarole of getting all the clients back. The last time I did this, SAV was already installed on all the clients but was unmanaged. I was unable to successfully get the client remote install to work properly, but I did find another method (copying the GRC.dat file to all the clients) that worked just fine. This time around, it's not working on 95% of the systems that were previouly made a managed client useing this method. Any ideas why they aren't reporting any longer?

All the others that are newly installed computers are working just fine. This only affects the systems that were previously managed by this server until I had to reinstall the OS.

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What is in the GRC.dat file?

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Symantec Antivirus

Have you opened that .DAT file using Notepad on the clients and compared it to the ones that do work?

Did the MAC address of the server change when you rebuilt it?

What happens if you rename the .DAT file on the clients that don't work? Will they connect normally?

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by jonathon.johnson In reply to What is in the GRC.dat fi ...

From what I understand, the .DAT file is a binary file that contains the changes that you've made to symantec and the server it's supposed to report to/take changes from.

No the MAC didn't change.

The GRC.dat file is deleted once the information in it is incorporated into Symantec. The changes are inported into the registry where symantec reads for it's settings.

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