Symantec Email Proxy Errors

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I'm having issues. In our office we have recently converted to a paperless environment (no, really! :)) but we're having an issue with intraoffice email. It used to be you'd just drop a piece of paper off on the desk of the person working next to you (there's only four of us) and that piece of paper stayed there until someone dealt with it. Now, when we create electronic documents, we email them from one desk to the next.

I'm amazed at how unreliable the email system is for delivering documents. The flow of information has ground down to unacceptable levels as each person who sends an email is then forced to turn to the person sitting five feet away and say "Did you get it?" It's embarrassing, but more importantly, it's on the verge of undoing all the great strides we've made forward in shedding our reliance on paper, as people throw up their hands and say "It's faster to just print it!"

The biggest issue at the moment is Symantec Email Proxy messages: All our staff are receiving blank emails from in lieu of the messages we're SUPPOSED to be receiving. By examining the email header, you can get an idea of who it was from, and then they can usually guess what they sent you and send it again. Bad optics, bad process, bad for business.

Symantec's web site suggests that this problem should have been addressed via updates to Symantec AntiVirus (this is not the case). They also suggest a workaround for the problem by turning off Email scanning (not attachment scanning) in the configuration settings. The problem is, these messages appear in the inboxes of people who do not HAVE Symantec installed on their system.

Since these emails are originating from our mail administrator's domain, I assumed that it was their system that was intercepting them, but they deny responsibility.

Does anyone know how to make email as reliable as paper?

Greg Porter
Administration Officer
Food Family Credit Union

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