Symantec Endpoint Protection Manager only manages 11 clients

By Cudmasters Los ·
i have installed symantec endpoint manager on a dell optiplex gx520, which has 2gb of ram, intel pentium 3.4Ghz.I am running xp pro sp3
i have installed and uninstalled clients 3 times. 1st time is because i keep getting unexpected errors on reports.2nd clients would not stay connected. 3rd just to do it again. and it seems that it will never connect more than 11 clients at a time.I have 15 total. The connected clients are never the same unless the computer stays on all the time. I am assuming when clients shut down and turn back on, it is first come first serve up to the limit, 11. Any suggestions.

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Are you talking about the Management Console?

by Kenone In reply to Symantec Endpoint Protect ...

That needs to be installed on a server, XP has a limited number of simultaneous connections. Go here for more info:

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Same puter, running 2008?

by Cudmasters Los In reply to Are you talking about the ...

Thanks for your quick responce! What do you think of me installing 2008 on that same machine, and running it there? I have done some test applications on a regular pc running server 2008, so i know it will install, but does it have the neccessary components. I have a TS and a DC, i don't want to put too much on my TS. I was told to never put anything on a DC.

Any suggestions?

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If that's all it will be doing

by Kenone In reply to Same puter, running 2008?

Then it should be fine. From My experience with SEP though, make sure you have plenty of memory and free disk space, and I'd install it on a non-boot drive.

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by Cudmasters Los In reply to If that's all it will be ...

It runs better on a non-boot drive. Trying to learn as much as i can. Could you tell me how it affects on a boot drive? Thanks

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