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Symantec Enterprise 9 and W2K Server SP4

By culukn2 ·
I have recently uninstalled McAfee Enterprise 8 from my Windows 2000 Server with SP4. I then installed SAV CE 9 but soon after installing this, I begin have client computers that would lose connection to shares on the server as well as print services. I uninstalled SAV and let the server run without issues. Put it back on the server and the issues came back. I have a Proliant DL380 G2. I have update the latest drivers from the support pack. I was getting a Event ID error 2022 so I edited the registry to increase the connections avaialbe. This seemed to resolve the for a few hours but it has returned but I'm not getting the 2022 ID anymore. Any help you could provide would be appreciate. I have spoken with Symantec about 5 times and HP 3 with no resolution.

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by CG IT In reply to Symantec Enterprise 9 and ...

event ID is releated to fragmented disks or low disk space. Typically this is seen with outlook user pst files. The resolution for this problem is to defragment the drive and allocated a larger drive. See;en-us;245077

Also, Event ID 2022 is related to the inability of clients to find a connection in the last 60 seconds. A registry hack is a fix for this. See;en-us;245080

I find it hard to believe that AV would cause these error as AV wouldnt scan the connection unless its an external inbound and you've configured the AV to self install on all comps that don't have AV installed [configurable option in Symantec CE 8,9].

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by BFilmFan In reply to Symantec Enterprise 9 and ...

That is most likely an issue with running out of RPC connections, which I don't believe Microsoft Support article 317249 addresses.

I believe it more likely the issue is with your RPC endpoint mapper service running out of connections. By default, Microsoft only provides you with 3976 available ports and due to their holding open for up to 4 minutes once engaged, it is very easy to run out of them. You will often see this issue with AD Replication.

Try this quick and handy fix to see if it resolves this issue:

Edit the registry setting for:


Add the DWOR MaxUserPort

Add the value: 65535

Reboot the server after modification.

This will resolve the issue about 90% of the time.

Best of luck.

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by culukn2 In reply to Symantec Enterprise 9 and ...

I forgot to add I have already made registry entries to up the connections. I'm of the opinion it is related to a memory leak. I will set up counters to determine for sure if that is the case. I have seen a few articles that discuss memory leaks with ArcServe and Symantec.

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by Gigelul In reply to Symantec Enterprise 9 and ...

I can tell you that I have the same configuration on 7 servers with different resources, functions or applications and all servers works very well.

Maybe the McAfee uninstall was not so clean.

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