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    Symantec Mail Security for Exchange altering e-mail headers?


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    I have a POP3 account, which is listed in an Exchange system’s Global Address List (as an SMTP forward, natch) and am a member of a distribution list on that system. Let’s say the address is and is listed as “DISTRO – L” in the Global Address List).

    When I send e-mail to the distribution list from POP, it is successfully delivered to all members.

    The Exchange admins have captured my headers as they hit the SMS and they include the routable SMTP

    However, at some point between the SMS and the recipients mailboxes, the headers are being altered. Whenever anyone does a reply-to-all from the delivered e-mail, they discover that the SMTP address has been replaced with the GAL name DISTRO – L.

    Then, if they are on Exchange, the GAL resolves that to “” and sends the reply to the wrong list.

    Has anyone ever seen anything like this before? Any thoughts?

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