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Symantec NAV 2004 Flawed

By WrongWayJay ·
I just found out today from a retailer that Symantec NAV 2004 is flawed. Word is just getting out. I've had a problem with it. After installing NAV 2004 the CD and DVD players are not accessable.Only to Mp3's and WAVE files.Data files prevent the CD from opening. I have Win2K Pro and I understand WinXP has troubles too.

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Well I refused to touch it

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Symantec NAV 2004 Flawed

When I learnt that it would require activation after installing. I already have over 18 M$ programs that require this and I'm not interested in adding any more particuarly since XP isn't all that stable and constantly needs reloading. Although it is better than 98 and 2k on units that run 24/7 you can bank on every 3-4 months needing to reload and it is a pain to say the least so why would you need any more agro than what you already have?

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Keep Norton away from my macines

by sgrady In reply to Symantec NAV 2004 Flawed

What Norton does to the performance of the machines it is installed on is bad enough, but then it misses viruses. I have had many machines that were suspect, get "passed" by Norton and then as soon as I run a better product, boom, there are the viruses. And these are not new viruses. Even their "FixBlast" that I ran on a machine last week that I knew was infected, was "passed" by Norton. I looked myself and found Msblast and MsLaugh in the System32 folder.
I have had problems with Symantec products for years.

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Norotn's Products are

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Keep Norton away from my ...

Nearly as good as Microsoft Products aren't they?

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SystemWorks 2004

by pgm554 In reply to Norotn's Products are

Here is another wonderful product.2003 is actually a better product in terms of stability.
Problems so far:
1.Tries to run system installer every so often.
2.Causes IE 6 to hang and crash.

So much for newer and better!

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by metmichallica In reply to Norotn's Products are

Well I can tell you I had many more problems with Mcafee than norton, I believe norton is far much more superior to Mcafee, especially on a computer running windows 98.

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