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Symantec: Out of the Box, Vista Prone to Legacy Threats

By Kevin W. Graham ·
Symantec Security Response has spent months throwing every hack but the kitchen sink at Microsoft's Vista operating system, and on Feb. 28 it released a series of papers that showed just how bloodied or victorious Vista remained.

The result: "There are existing codes that can survive Vista without being modified? [certain] keyloggers, worms, Trojans, and spyware are able to survive,"
The current threat level of the Vista security-resistant malware is "relatively low," Whitehouse said, but he said that out of box, Vista already has several legacy threats. "It won't take much for [those] to evolve," he said.

This is in spite of Microsoft's years of work and investments in new security technologies, which Symantec predicted will result in "fewer instances of widespread worms that target core Windows operating system vulnerabilities," researchers wrote in one report, "Microsoft Windows Vista and Security."

This information on Symantec is disturbing, don't you think? Because it has has huge ramifications on the way we conduct business and paticularly secutrity on the net.
Please, I invite you to voice your concerns on the matter.

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Uneccessary Discussion

by NOW LEFT TR In reply to Symantec: Out of the Box, ...


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where are the download links

by ArthurP In reply to Symantec: Out of the Box, ...

I thought that it was protocol for an author to include the URI for the documents that they quote !

The discussion is inconclusive.

Guess that it might be worth re-writing it, and then reading before you post again


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by CG IT In reply to Symantec: Out of the Box, ...

The real question is, how to differentiate between what is real vs what is marketing ploy to sell products.

In other words, tell the ignorant consumers what to be afraid of and how your product will protect them. Buy Symantec and you'll be protected. Hogwash. No one is 100% protected. Click the wrong link, open up the wrong pic, visit the wrong site, you could be compromised regardless of the firewall, AV and spyware products you've install.

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