Symantec PC Anywhere Remote Access

By sportguy ·
I've got a host computer XP SP3. Router is configured to open ports 5631 and 5632. Still cannot access host remotely with symantec pcanywhere. Through the Lan it works fine. And ideas where it's getting blocked?

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by tmalo627 In reply to Symantec PC Anywhere Remo ...

I would double-check the firewall to make sure the correct ports are open for LAN to WAN traffic or LAN to VPN traffic, depending on how you have it configured.

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Network description

by sportguy In reply to Firewall

Let me give a quick description of this network. Workgroup with on pc acting as file server. Adsl router is a tiny D link DSL-2500U. How can I check if the port forwarding is done correctly.

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I was just going to

by darpoke In reply to Firewall

recommend you check port fowarding - if you are running NAT (as most routers do these days) then you'll need to forward those specific ports to the correct host as well as simply opening them on the firewall.

In order to forward them correctly you'll need to specify a host IP. What this means for your LAN is that your XP host needs to have a statically assigned address. If you're running DHCP you can keep running it for the rest of your LAN but that one host will need to have its IP mapped permanently.

The best way to check after that is to try dialling in remotely and check on the host to see if any traffic is received on those two ports - use a packet sniffer if you have to (I'm not familiar with Win networks software, google for one). Good luck, and post any progress!

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