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    Symantec SysRest and BackupExec 2010


    by itinatl ·

    We recently had a terrible experience trying to install Symantec System Restore and Backup Exec on a Server 2008 SBS 64 bit machine. The new version of these software products says in the Specs that they are designed for and will work on SBS 2008 64 bit, and yet after 30 hours of working with Level 1, Level 2, High Tier, and finally Symantec Development folks, we could NOT get it to work.
    Not only that, but Symantec was actually hacking the registry on our live production Server in order to force it to work. You can imagine how happy that made us!
    These products, especially the Backup Exec, are not at all ready for prime time and should never have been released to market in their current shapes.
    If you want to spend an eternity with the Symantec support department only to fail to install, go ahead.
    If you want to do their work for them and have them use your live production Server as a guinea pig, go ahead.
    If you want to do all of that and then be told that their EULA states an Article 9 that says that ?No, we won?t compensate you for all your work and trouble of trying to fix our software on your own time because we released it without actually fully testing it and don?t really care if it doesn?t work for you after you buy it.?, then by all means ? purchase Symantec System Restore and Backup Exec, 2010 versions.
    We went above and beyond in troubleshooting with them to get it to work and it still failed, and we are left feeling ripped off, used, and abused by them. In effect, they asked us to do their job and then hung us out to dry.

    We now have a Customer upset with us and 30 hours to bill that we will likely lose. Thanks Symantec.

    Has anyone else had any better luck with these software products on SBS 2008 64 bit?

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