Symantec WinFax Pro 10.02 and Windows Vista

By rwmma ·
I would like to know whether it need any upgrade and isntallation on Symantec WinFax Pro 10.02 server for Windows Vista client installed WinFax Pro.

Configuration :

Our shop will upgrade Windows Vista from Windows XP to desktop PCs which have Symantec WinFax 10.02 client installed.

Those WinFax connected to Symantec WinFax 10.02 server which server is windows 2000 server configuration.

Thank you for someone's advice.

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As Symantec doesn't list anything about Win Fax

by HAL 9000 Moderator In reply to Symantec WinFax Pro 10.02 ...

And Vista I would hazard a guess that it will not work with Vista. Many of their other available suites don't currently work with Vista so I can not see why this one would be any different.


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Works but with constant error notices

by jps In reply to As Symantec doesn't list ...

10.03 installed on Vista Home Prem.

Program functions normally but the os says there are "known compatibility issues" when you try to start the app - just click "Run program" and it starts.

Also there are constant messages saying that the app is trying to communicate but it is not compliant with Vista's message display. This is described as an "Interactive services dialog detection." X out of the box and it just comes back later. If you try to display the message it modifies your desktop & eventually tells you that WinFax cannot communicate the message - THANKS! Then you close the empty dialog & return to normal.

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Do you get the winfax printer?

by nathan In reply to Works but with constant e ...

Are you getting the winfax and winfax(photo) printer? I successfully installed winfax 10.02 onto Vista Home Basic, but it won't install the printers.

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No, but the Drag & Drop Depot works.

by jps In reply to Do you get the winfax pri ...

No, but the Drag & Drop Depot works.

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Winfax and windows 2000 Server

by bla229 In reply to No, but the Drag & Drop D ...

The WinFax printers keep disappearing when I reboot. Is there a solution?

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How to do that. Thanks

by vladik1 In reply to No, but the Drag & Drop D ...

How to do that. Thanks

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Vista has its own fax program

by groucho3 In reply to Do you get the winfax pri ...

Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor says that Symantec WinFax PRO "might have minor compatibility issues" with Vista. Actually, they are incompatible. Vista has its own Fax and Scan program, but it is far less good than WinFax. You don't get to preview your faxes before sending them. WinFax, however, has been discontinued by Symantec.

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Vista Ultimate Fax

by smonrad In reply to Vista has its own fax pro ...

Fax with Vista will not print pdf doc's period
Program is primitive and difficult
Any alternatives?

Steve Monrad

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Winfax, Vista and Cell Phone Modem

by gov5225 In reply to Works but with constant e ...

Did you find a solution for the problem. It happens to me also other wise the program works ok. I did find that using Winfax 10.03 on my laptop with a cell phone modem I can send a fax but when I try to receive one the dialog window closes before the fax is received.

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winfax vista problems

by netweb7 In reply to Symantec WinFax Pro 10.02 ...

I have just installed winfax pro 10 on a new vista laptop and getting error messages do you know of any solutions please, thanks.

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