Symbol 5131 network bridge layer 2 connectivity/management issues

By sirkozz ·
I am installing a Symbol AP300 WLAN with Symbol WS5100 switches, 3.0.8 f/w,
using Symbol ES3000 POE switches, with a Symbol 5131 wireless bridge.
Management vlan for 3000?s and 5131?s is 100, orphaned vlan for access ports is 995.
The 3000 port for the root 5131 is trunked with vlan 995 untagged, and 100 as tagged.
The 5131's lan ports are identical.
In this configuration the 5131?s are accessible but a single AP300 will not pass
layer 2 traffic to the WS5100?s, however if I attach a configured 3000 on the lan port
of the client bridge it will pass layer 2 traffic to the 5100?s
If I delete the vlans and trunking on the 5131?s the 5100?s will adopt the AP300, but the
5131?s are not manageable from the network.
I know that 3.0 f/w for the 5100?s supports converting AP300?s to layer 3 devices but
at this site this is not an option.
I?ve tried mapping the essid of the 5131 wireless bridge to vlan 995 but it still does not allow layer 2 traffic to hit the 5100?s, although the bridge is still manageable.
Any way to be able to manage the 5131?s and pass layer 2 traffic to the 5100?s???
Any help will be greatly appreciated!!

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