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By vivek_sriwastava ·
how can i verify the symmetry in the mirror image of characters like A is symmetric while B is not?

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by john.a.wills In reply to symmetry

Your best method is probably to make a list of the symmetric characters and check whether the input character is in the list. Actually working on the shape of each input character is not a practical solution.

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by vivek_sriwastava In reply to

if possible provide me any other solution because it does not explain any method to check the symmetry of a character directly.Computer itself check the symmetr of a character through program .I don't want to specify separately that which
one is symmetric .

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by Choppit In reply to symmetry

How are you feeding your input characters into your program?

Individually or as a text string?
Bitmap or ASCII?

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by Merrimac In reply to symmetry

I don't have an answer for you but I am interested in what type of application you are writing that uses this function. Would you explain? Thanks very much!

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by spaz99 In reply to symmetry

Here's a pragmatic approach: Render the character as a bitmap, create another copy in reverse, then XOR the two bitmaps together. You would vary the resolution and/or antialiasing depending on the degree of accuracy needed. (For example, typefaces such as Times New Roman don't exhibit perfect symmetry.)

Hope this helps! :)

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