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SYN Flood Attacks

By tmalo627 ·
I am having a problem accessing our security cameras whether it's through our vendor's website who installed them or logging in directly to the DVR that is in the same subnet as the rest of our network.

I can ping the IP address of the DVR. I can pull up the web interface, but the video feeds are timing out.

When I try to access it via the vendor's site, the logs on my firewall show a TCP SYN Flood attack with a source IP of my computer and the destination IP of the vendor's site. But there is no SYN flood when I try to access the DVR directly.

From my understanding a the SYN flood, that source IP is probably being spoofed.

I am using a ZyXel Zywall 70 firewall, and I can't seem to find any settings regarding the handling of SYN flood attacks. I have checked the users guide, and still can't find anything.

Anyone have any ideas of what I can do??

A little extra info if needed:

My computer is running Windows XP Pro SP2. My DVR is running on a linux platform. I am unsure of the distro. I don't know much about troubleshooting linux.

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by robo_dev In reply to SYN Flood Attacks

when you say 'logging in directly to the DVR'..are you on the same local network?

Is it possible to connect directly to the DVR via a crossover cable?

In general it sounds like the DVR is misconfigured, and the 'syn flood' attack is really telling you that the DVR is not acking like it should.

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by tmalo627 In reply to Clarify:

I am on the same local network as the DVR.

Normally I go through the vendor's website because we have 7 different locations and it gives me a central point the check each DVR. But I did try logging in directly to the IP of the DVR. The one giving me trouble is at the same location as my computer on the same subnet.

As stated though, the SYN flood message only came when I tried to log in through the vendor's site. But regardless of vendor site or direct log in, I can see the web interface with the buttons and control panel, but the video feeds time out.

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