Sync a Public Folder Calendar to Personal Calendar

By skb ·
My bosses calendar is in a public folder that is shared with a few users. (Exchange 2003 & Outlook 2003). He just got a Blackberry & I have set it up for OWA. However, we can't pull up with public folder using OWA on the Blackberry (confirmed w/Blackberry - we are not using the Blackberry Server). Is there a way to sync the master calendar with his personal calendar? Thank you for your help!

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third-party sync software: Exchange public folder to OL private calendar

by snoozeroo In reply to Sync a Public Folder Cale ...

I did a lot of research about this recently for a client. The best product I identified is called "add2outlook" (or add2exchange, if you're running your own Exchange server and thus can install applications on it; if you have Exchange via ASP and can't install apps, use add2outlook to manage the sync at the desktop level instead). You can sync public-to-private, private-to-public, private-to-private, etc. You can implement up to two types of syncs (e.g., calendar and contacts).

While I have not yet implemented it, I am impressed with the sales, technical support, and documentation I've seen/experienced. There are other third-party apps out there (e.g., Global Calendar Sharing, Office Calendar, Team Calendar), but I have not tried them, and I did not see the same kind of infrastructure behind them (I talked to a Real Live Human for Add2Outlook).

Where did I find this stuff? Well, google of course, but also - an excellent resource site for Exchange and Outlook tips, workarounds, and add-ons.

Hint: RTFM carefully before implementing. It's a situation of garbage in, multiplied garbage out when you sync.



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Sync a Public Folder Calendar to Personal Calendar to Blackberry

by skb In reply to third-party sync software ...

I did look into Add2Exchange, but never really followed through with it. Truly, that was the only site that I found to address this specific issue in not such a roundabout manner as other suggestions.

I am impressed that were able to speak with a Real Live Human - that says a lot for the product in terms of support. If we implement it, I'll post the results. And if you do, I hope you'll do the same.

Thanks for the post.

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Too Darned Expensive

by Whirl3d In reply to Sync a Public Folder Cale ...

Add2Exchange may be nice and it may have a great infrastructure, but it costs more than my exchange server. After 1 year, I would most likely have spent more for Add2Exchange than I have on all of my hardware on my small business network of less than 10 employees.

This should be a fundamental aspect of Exchange and Add2Exchange is capitalizing on the poor programming at Microsoft. That's called a RACKET.

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Public Folder - Personal Calendar Synchronization

by tc In reply to Sync a Public Folder Cale ...

Take a look at the product RealTime Service.

You can download a 30 day trial here:

This synchronizes data from the individual Outlook mailboxes / folders into either a Public Folder on the Exchange server or a Microsoft database.

When data is synchronized a label is added to each data entry - hereby generating a possibility to track the origin of the appointment, contact or task.

The service is designed as event-driven which ensures a minimum of load and a high performance.

Let me know if you have any questions.


Travis Campbell

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exchange sync from codetwo is a solution

by martin spook In reply to Sync a Public Folder Cale ...

I did this with exchange sync from codetwo -

I tried with one other solution but this one seemed to wokr. i so dumb.. blackberry or iphone cannot do this natively.. using a third party software is the only solution and that is weird but fortunately it is possible.

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