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By courtney ·
At my home network I have mostly 3 PC's. The main one I use has lotsofMP3's and Movies on them. Every so often I manually copy the MP3's or movies to another PC so I have a backup. I am looking for a easier way to do this. Prossbably having the backup PC sync with the main PCevery night. Could this be done within Windows or some 3rd party app?

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by HereInOz In reply to Sync between PC's

I am assuming that you are reasonably familiar with writing a batch file. If not, then this answer will be relatively useless!

Lets assume, for the sake of demonstration, that your MP3s are in C:\My Documents\My Music\MP3, and the folder you want to put them in to is the same path on the other machine, which I shall call "remote". You will have your own name for it.

Firstly map a drive, on the machine that houses the MP3s, to the folder on the destination PC where you want to copy the MP3s. Lets say you call this mapped drive, M:

You would then map a drive to the source folder that contains your MP3s - again this mapping is done on the machine that holds the MP3s, not the backup machine - there is a reason for this "internal mapping" as I will explain later. Let's say that you call this drive S:

You then write a batch file with the command like

copy s:\*.mp3 m: /y

Save the batch file as, say, copymp3.bat

Using the Windows Scheduler, create a scheduled job to run the batch file at a specified time each night and it will copy all the files in your source MP3 folder (S:), over to the folder to which you have mapped drive M:, overwriting any existing files of the same name in the process.

The reason that I suggest mapping the local MP3 folder on the source machine is that when you run a batch file, it often doesn't like the long filenames like "My Documents", so rather than suggest that you write the command in the batch file in 8.3 format (mydocu~1) I opted to use the drive mapping technique.

The one proviso in all of this is that both machines need to be on, and connected to the network for this to happen. I know that this seems like a "no-brainer" but I have been called out for exactly that - the overnight backup didn't work, and when I could find no reason, I asked whether the machines had been switched on, and, you guessed it, they had turned them both off as they left for the night!

Any queries, email me.


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by w2ktechman In reply to Sync between PC's

I agree with the other, except Xcopy has many more options, like using the archive bit (with attrib) to only copy new files added, or changed. This means that you dont have to overwrite everything, everytime.

An alternative, is to burn them to disk. That should give a decent backup and cd's are pretty cheap.

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by courtney In reply to Sync between PC's

The problem I see with this setup is that it will copy over files that have not changed that day. Meaning that every night I will be coping 40 to 60GB of data between PC's, that would always run. (It is also a WI-Fi network) .

Hasn't someone made some software for this.

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by sgt_shultz In reply to Sync between PC's

check out Directory Replicator from my users demand it.
for myself, i use robocopy.exe from the tools folder on the nt4 server cd in a scheduled batch file. robocopy has switches that will exactly replicate, if you want. they made me reconsider just how exactly i did want to replicate. anyway, the readme is worth it, not the usual fare, very well explained, with examples. if you want a roll your own no cost solution this is one way i have used.

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by Wyrmlord In reply to Sync between PC's

Get hold of Second Copy 2000 (, this has a lot of options for synchronizing the contents of any number of machines, is breeze to use, and comes really cheap (although it's shareware, you can use it as long as you want with no nag-screens to be upset about). Needless to say it's based around the 'schedule' idea so all in all I should think that's what you've been looking for. Good luck.

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by courtney In reply to

This is exactly what I was looking for. I knew something was out there. Thanks a lot.

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by courtney In reply to Sync between PC's

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