Sync Canendar Outlook 2003 to Outlook 2007

By ryan ·
As you might be familiar with, my wife and I
make independent plans, often including each
other, while at work and then don?t communicate
the plan at home. Then, when the event
unexpectedly approaches, one of us will say,
?well, it was on my calendar!?

My Goal here is to sync my wife?s work Outlook
2003 (OL?03) calendar with my work Outlook 2007
(OL?07) calendar with or without the use of our
Blackberry Pearls (BB). I have found many
obvious (possible) solutions but I have a hand
full of barriers that have made it unachievable
so far.

Since we are obviously not on the same exchange
server, we cannot simply share the calendar.
Her work IT has refused to install any third
party software like 'AutoSync for Yahoo' (ASY)
or 'Google Calendar Sync' (GCS) so those
methods are out. They have allowed her have
the Blackberry?s Desktop Manager Software (DM)
so she can sync to her BB. However her BB does
not have internet access so we cannot put
'Google Sync' or 'GCalSync' on her phone. I
have experimented with exporting and importing
the .pst file but this doesn?t provide a sync.

There is a lengthy process that will work but
that we want to avoid. She syncs her work
OL?03 to BB via DM, goes home and syncs BB to
OL?07 on home laptop via DM, then sync with
Google Calendar via GCS. From there, my work
OL?07 autosyncs to Google and the loop is

The major problems here are she will often not
sync her BB to her OL?03 and even more
infrequently she will not sync her BB to the
home laptop OL?07.

Could someone please help us in finding a
method that is as automatic as possible and can
get around our barriers? I'm interested in
outside the box thinking too. THANKS in

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re: Outside the box.....

by ThumbsUp2 In reply to Sync Canendar Outlook 200 ...

The easiest way to overcome your communication barriers is to throw away the fancy technology that you're both using and buy a Franklin Agenda that you can both WRITE your appointments into. That way, you'll be forced to actually communicate with each other about what's going on in your lives.


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I have similar issues.. only for home work being on same calendar

by cgrosse23 In reply to re: Outside the box.....

I have Lotus Notes as my agency's work calendar, Palm 750 windows mobile is my own, only syncs to duplicate entries. Have syncd to Outlook 2007 at work and now my device does not want to sync with Outlook 2003 on my laptop at home. Still can't figure out how to sync my work schedule to Work 07 Outlook to my PDA/phone. Trying to keep all my life events coordinated (learned in Franklin Planner training for paper)

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