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Sync of Cell Phone to PC

By b.bloom ·
Hi - I have a cell phone, and a data cable, and wonder if someone has recommendations on software for syncing the cell to my pc.

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by Toivo Talikka In reply to Sync of Cell Phone to PC

The software application to sync your cell phone to your PC, like calendar appointments, tasks and the address book in Outlook, is dependent on the brand of your mobile phone. I am not aware of generic application packages. Check the manufacturer's website for details of their application for your particular phone.

The cell phone manufacturer may have different packages for different models, depending on the connectivity, whether the phone has a cable, infrared or bluetooth connection.

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by Dr Dij In reply to Sync of Cell Phone to PC

Too bad there's not a standard. Either software wise or cable wise. I had to spend a few $ (60 or so? when I got new cell phone, to get the PC software for my LG phone. The store was nice enuf to wipe out memory on old phone and transfer the #s to new phone.

But is alot nicer to type on your PC and have a backup there in case phone ever dies or is lost.

I store short addresses, notes, etc in the additional fields they provide. So I can now largely do without my PDA most of the time. The USB cable uploads to either my home or work PC and I can make changes in a snap. Have loaded all my friends, people in clubs I'm in, utility phone#s and accts, mechanic phn#, dentist, etc!

and easier to change ringers for family..
the cool thing is the incoming call shows the name if in your phone list.

We had someone else's phones at work where software not working to sync.

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by Laurent Spielmann In reply to Sync of Cell Phone to PC

You could give "floAt's Mobile Agent" a try...
freeware of course.
works fine with my sony-ericsson(s !)
I think it'll accept other brands, but maybe you can check on their homepage.

If, by chance, you do own a sony-ericsson, there is another freeware : MyPhoneExplorer

Both feature contact sync, planing/schedule sync (don't know the exact word, sorry, non-english member !), file up/download, phone monitoring...

hope it helps

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by b.bloom In reply to Sync of Cell Phone to PC

My cell phone is a sanyo 2700.

Someone has told me about "Future Dial Suite" which apparently works with most cell phones on pcs running at least windows 2000 or greater... Anyone heard of that software?

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by G... In reply to Sync of Cell Phone to PC

Microsoft ActiveSync if your mobile has a windows platform

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FutureDial Suite

by gliao68 In reply to

There's FutureDial Suite if your phone is supported. Check on

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