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By RogueJD ·
Hi all. I'm new here, so be kind! :)

I've searched a bit in on this website, and was unable to find anything that fit. Here's my situation and requirements:

- Server A is where our programmers -should- be storing specific files.
- Server B is where we make those files available to our clients.

- Programmer creates file on Workstation. He copies to Server A so we have them, Server B so our client has them.

- One specific programmer often copied straight from Workstation to Server B.
- That programmer has left.
- There are some files on Server A that are newer, and need to be copied to Server B.
- There are some files on Server B that are newer (because of above-mentioned programmer) and need to copied to Server A.

What are my options for a program with the following functionality?:
- Synch all files by "Date Modified" between Server A and Server B
- - Do not overwrite files, simply rename old files to [filename].[extension]_old

I'm looking for a freeware solution if possible. Any suggestions?

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