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Synchronising Kyocera Phone with NT

By IronEagle ·
A number of my customers have recently purchased Kyocera 7135 Cellphones with integrated Palms. When the software (see below) is initially set up everything is okay. However, it appears that the user's profile is very volatile when this software is installed. As the softare is profile specific, the software needs to be reinstalled when the profile gets wiped out.

To do this we have reinstalled Hotsync, rebooted, run Palm Desktop to get a user active in the profile, run intellisync configure to setup the synchronisation between the phone and desktop. Only then are we able to synchronise again. If this is not done, when attempting to synchronise, Hotsync "Verifies Handheld Configuration" and exits.

The software we are using is supplied for the Kyocera 7135 :

Palm desktop 4.1.0
Hotsync 4.1.0

What I would like to achieve is :
1) Find a simpler way to reactivate synchronisation when required.
2) Stablelise the profile so the setting is blown away as often (if at all)

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by AzariaTech In reply to Synchronising Kyocera Pho ...

I've been using palms for a number of years. I've not known the profiles to be vulnerable the way you described. Are the profile directories being erased? or else what do you mean by wiped? I'm currently using a Treo 300 by Handspring and, as I said, have used a number of other models and made transition from model to model. I've never had to, nor have I seen any user have to, go through such a process. Look for other interferences or sources of corruption.

BTW, are you using a Serial hotsync cable/cradle?

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by taz3283 In reply to Synchronising Kyocera Pho ...


I have had problems with this phone - it may a hardware issue within the phone. I had to return 2 phones with this issue after hours of trying to figure it out because of an internal problem with the phone. The other issue with my first 2 Kyoceras was that they did not send the most updated software with the phone.

Also, be careful with the software they provide - I would not advise that you use MobileMail becuase it has issues and Kyocera does not support it.

Why are you using PalmDesktop? Just sync the Palm desktop with your email and use the Kyocera's Eurdora to sync to your email/contacts etc.

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